Organic Kitchen's Rice Flour

Organic Kitchen's Rice Flour (Chawal Ka Ata)

  • چاول کا آٹا


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Rice flour, also called rice powder, is a form of flour made from finely milled rice. Rice flour is made from ground raw rice and is used to make rice noodles and some pancakes Rice flour is a staple food  in East Asia and is very different from rice starch.  It can be used to thicken soups and stews, as well as providing an alternative to wheat flour in cakes and biscuits. However, it's gluten-free so can't be used to make yeasted loaves of bread.

If you’re looking to avoid wheat flour and/or gluten and aren’t sure where to turn, rice flour is an excellent option for you. Rice flour is a great substitute for wheat flour, since most wheat flour contains gluten — a protein that can irritate the digestive system or worse for anyone who is gluten intolerant. Rice flour is a popular thickening agent because it has the ability to prevent liquid separation. Apart from being gluten free, rice flour is a good source of beneficial fibers. It also helps improve liver functions. Opting for a better choice rather than a regular unhealthy food is always better.


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