Organic Kitchen's Kashmiri Tea Mix

Organic Kitchen's Kashmiri Tea Mix (Kashmiri Chai)

  • also known as
    Pink Tea
  • کشمیری چاۓ


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Kashmir is not only known for its unrivalled natural beauty — snow-covered mountain peaks, blue rivers and rich culture — but also for its mouthwatering traditional food amongst which Kashmiri Chai or pink tea is the most famous. To wash all the lovely food down, the Kashmiris have a special pink-coloured tea called noon chai which has a creamy, buttery and slightly thick consistency but is thin enough to sip gently. The word noon means salt in Kashmiri because Kashmiri chai is preferred with salt in Kashmir. Its origin is this, but mostly people do not like to have it with salt so opt for sugar or substitutes for flavor. But the point is that the preparation of it gives goosebumps to many since it is time consuming etc. organic Kitchen has eased out this worry for you by bringing Kashmiri chai in sachet form so you may know the exact quantity of the products for the preparation of a beautifully pink cup of tea.



Green Tea

Green Cinnamon



Star anise







Here is how you can make a delicious cup of kashmiri tea at home:


Preparation Of Qehwa:

Boil 2 litre water and add spice mix. Let it boil for 5 to 10 mins and meantime keep stirring periodically. Now add the green tea and cook on medium high flame for 15 to 20 mins, keep stirring continuously. Now add ice of 1500 ml water to the boiling kehva. Boil it and keep stirring continuously until it remains 1500 ml qehwa. Strain this kehva and store (you can store it in refrigerator for 8 to 10 days and in freezer in a form of cubes for a month)


Preparation Of Tea (For 1 Cup):

100 ml Milk

50 ml Qehwa

50 gm Cream


Now warm the milk and add sugar to it. Once it is boiling add the desired quantity of kehva to it. Now you can add the milk cream to it and stir it well to form a frothe on the tea. Lastly you can add the given garnishing sachet with almonds and pistachios to it.

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