Organic Kitchen's Beetroot Powder

Organic Kitchen's Beetroot Powder (Chukandar Ka Powder)

  • چقندرکا پاؤڈر


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  • Net Weight: 100gm Powder
  • 100% Pure Beetroot Powder
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Beets are an extremely healthy root vegetable, but most people either love them or hate them. Using beet root powder made from dried beet roots is a great option for people who aren't beet fans but still want the benefits. Beetroot is low on calorie and yet packed with many nutrients that help the body work efficiently, and has been proved in a number of studies to enhance athletic performance. Beetroot powder is rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, folate and manganese, along with other nutrients. Perhaps most remarkably, beets are naturally rich in nitrate, compounds that can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, leading to noticeable health benefits.

Consuming it regularly can give you a lot of health benefits as:

  1. Anti-ageing
  2. It fights free radicals
  3. It builds red blood cells and oxygen to the body
  4. Copper in beetroot helps make the iron more available to the body.
  5. Supports healthy circulation and exercise performance
  6. Supports healthy cardiovascular function
  7. Supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  8. Can be creatively added to smoothies, salads, vegetables & salad dressings to name a few.

Certainly we know beetroot is good for us, but it can be a bit tough to incorporate it into our diet. That’s where Pansari Beet Root Powder comes to complete your menu without any hassle.

How do I use Beetroot Powder?

One teaspoon of beetroot powder is equivalent to one beet. You can use 1/2 teaspoons up to four times a day. It can be added to a glass of milk too.

  1. Use it in smoothies.
  2. Add it to your tomato sauce for great color and extra nutrition.
  3. Mix it in your applesauce. It adds a beautiful color to this food and is a great way to sneak in some extra iron for your picky eater kids.
  4. Mix it with your pancake mix to create beetroot pancakes. Pinkish red pancakes are pretty to look at and fun to eat!
  5. Add it to your red velvet cake in place of food coloring. It will add beautiful color in a natural way.
  6. Mix one tsp to a glass of milk and drink it.

Hence, there are multiple ways to your creativity of how you like to use it in your meals.

Dosage: 1 teaspoon with room temperature milk once a day. 

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