Organic Kitchen's Kashmiri Garam Masala

Organic Kitchen's Kashmiri Garam Masala

  • کشمیری گرم مصالحہ

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Garam Masala is an aromatic and hot spice mixture that is essential to numerous types of dishes in Indian, Nepalese and Pakistani cooking. The words mean "hot spices" and as well as adding the "heat" to Indian cooking, the spice mix should be subtle and aromatic.

Masalas are incredibly diverse and can include just about any spice. This Kashmiri version is darkly roasted and intense, producing the deepest aromatic flavors possible.


  1. Black Pepper
  2. Cloves
  3. Green Cardamom
  4. Mace
  5. Nutmeg
  6. Coriander Seeds
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Black Cardamom
  9. Star Anise
  10. Bay Leaf
  11. Cumin Seeds
  12. Will Cayenne Pepper
  13. Fennel Seeds