Organic Kitchen's Bitter Gourd Powder

Organic Kitchen's Bitter Gourd Powder (Karele Ka Powder)

  • کریلے کا پاؤڈر


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  • Net Weight: 100gm Powder
  • 100% Pure Bitter Gourd Powder
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Karela (Momordica Charantia) has many names. In Pakistan, India among other Asian countries, it is known by this name, Karela. In English speaking countries, it’s known as bitter gourd, bitter squash or bitter melon. This cucumber like fruit with ugly bumps all over it is popular due to its various health benefits, its benefits notwithstanding.

Bitter gourd has high content of phosphorus and possesses a bitter taste. It is useful for diabetic people as it activates liver, spleen and also purifies blood. The oil is extracted by using cold pressed method. Bitter gourd oil has main constituents such as conjugated linoleic acid (Alpha-ESA) which is also called Eleostearic acid. It possesses about 60% of conjugated linolenic acid. It contains tonic, antipyretic, antidotal, stomachic, appetizing, laxative and antibilious properties.

Benefits of using Bitter Gourd powder in meals.

  • Mild laxative
  • Helps in the purification of blood.
  • Natural solution for healthy pancreas.
  • Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Nutritious and healthy food with a bitter flavour.
  • Helps to fight free radicals and promote general wellbeing.
  • Helps to promote body's defence mechanism against weather changes or air borne pathogen.

Ready to use

Bitter Gourd Powder is prepared with 100% fresh and premium quality product, it does not have additive flavors or artificial colors added to it. It is ready to use and you can just add the required quantity to your foods and there you go.

Does the dehydration process of the Bitter Gourd degrade nutrient quality, too?

No, not our method.  We do not follow the high-heat techniques of the past and have created a unique method that evaporates water molecules using natural light. That’s because of the technique we are following, the nutrients are locked in at the moment of dehydration and stay that way for years.

If still there is any confusion and you feel lost about the usage of Organic Bitter Gourd Powder, contact us on our given mediums and one of our representative will be there to assist and guide you thoroughly.

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